About Us

We are an in-house team of WordPress developers who have turned years of web experience and development into a web design agency. We aim to create the best and most secure WordPress websites for you but we also use bootstrap for web design, however, when it comes to CMS (Content Management System) we use only WordPress. We are also running a WordPress Hosting Platform at WPHostee.co.uk that is specifically dedicated to WordPress website hosting as well. However, we are welcoming anyone with any type of cms to host with us as we might be WordPress dedicated, we are also accommodating any other type of websites and technologies.

We hope you choose to have your website created at BaicuWeb.com and then hosted also with us at WPHostee.uk. If you have all web services purchased with us we usually give discounts on our web project quotations. Say if you purchase a 1-year upfront web hosting plan, you’ll then get a 25% discount on your website project. ie; your website creation will be cheaper.

We know you will have an excellent web experience and achieve your goals with your business. We recommend that you visit our website as we often have promotional codes that you can take advantage of for great discounts.

There are many different web design agencies on the market, devoted specifically to WordPress design. However, over time many of these web design agencies have deviated away from WordPress CMS to other Content Management Systems. We, however, are solely devoted to WordPress and will not change to other content management systems no matter how large the company grows.

We take the word from WordPress and commit to your needs, regardless of if you are a small, medium or large enterprise. We are here to assist you to get the most out of your WordPress Content Management System in your business journey.

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Looking for a local web designer?

We are based in West Kensington, London but we also provide our web services to clients across the world! We have worked with local clients here in London, mostly but also created websites in other parts of the world. We have even worked with clients in the USA, Canada, Finland, Germany and Romania! While you will find our work far and wide, we never lose touch with our roots and strive to offer a personal ‘local web design experience, no matter where you are based in the UK!